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A suggestion has been made here: Suggestion for Revision: Fan Fiction sub-section that can use your support!

For those of you who, like me, get tired of seeing the spambots across the site, please take a moment to check out this tutorial: On Reporting Spambots. If we all start reporting them as we see them, then maybe DA's help staff can start clearing them out! :la:

Suggestion for a separate fee to be instated that only covers the name-change function on DeviantArt:
So You Want to Change Your DeviantArt Screen NameFirst, a disclaimer: I'm not staff. I've never been staff. Since DA isn't hiring (and probably wouldn't hire me anyway since I'm a bit of a firebrand even if they were), I'm not likely to ever be staff.
"Well, then, why should I listen to anything you have to say on the matter?" you ask. Because I'm old. And I know a thing or two about coding and expenses.
Now that we've gotten that out of the way: user name changes on DA should not be free. Not even once. First of all, it took them eleven and a half years to even implement a name change system: Username Changes Now Available. And I feel sorry for poor danlev and all the hate he must get in his inbox from that particular post because people are downright bitchy in the comments there. I might be inviting the same on myself here, but my intent is to explain why it's not free and

Please :+fav: if you support the idea; if you have any comments for civil discussion on the matter, please click the link at the end of the suggestion. Thank you!

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So judging by the fact I'm getting votes on a three-month old poll for events no longer active, I guess it's time to change this. ;) March fun: 

6 deviants said Art in Emotion ChallengeUPDATE 
We are extending the DEADLINE for "the Art in Motion Challenge" to 31 MAY 2016. We really want to see more entries.
Please read the theme, isn't hard. Anyway, if you have difficulty understanding the video, read the lyrics of the song.
"Motion" on this challenge means to the emotional changes, moods and love.

Hallo members!
Now we start our first Art challange and it is called "Art in motion".
The challange will continue for one month until mars 31. I hope some of you want 
We look forward to see your art submition to the folder "Art in Emotion Challenge 
Let's start!
For this month only:
To enter our Challenge "Art in motion" you must follow these rules:
1- Join our group
2- Read all rules about this contest and accept it
3- Participate, only one work for deviant
4- Stocks from dA only
5- If the art is photomanipulation or mixed media its needed give credit all 
3 deviants said Themed Fan Fiction Challenge 1!Hi all!
As I discussed in my last journal, I'm starting up a Themed Challenge Journal for the group! Every two weeks (right now, I'm aiming for Sunday afternoon or evening), I'll post up a theme. Themed submissions that are left in the journal comments will be included in the next journal. Anyone can participate; group members can submit their work to the 4F Gallery Folder - which has been renamed - or to whichever regular gallery folder it would normally be submitted to. General group rules apply for any work to be included in the group gallery. There is no word limit, unless the specific theme calls for it.
Our theme this week is "Metaphors". For every 300 words, include at least one metaphor in your story. As a reminder, metaphors are figures of speech where words or phrases which are not literally applicable are used as comparisons to people, objects or other things (but without using the words 'like' or 'as'). For example, "The rain raced across the windshield in thi
1 deviant said Anthro Challenge #129 - Spring Break

Welcome to the 129th installment of Anthro Challenge!
We're going to try something a little different this year by posting these journals at both of our main Anthro groups here on dA.
anthrochallenge will still be our main hub for the challenges but you will also find the journals posted over at AnthroCommunity in order to spread the word about our monthly challenge!
AnthroCommunity | anthrochallenge
Contest Deadline:March 31st
Time Deadline: 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time |
AC Theme: Spring Break
This month's theme is Spring Break
Spring is just around the corner and here in much of North America it also means Spring Break!  A week without school!  What do you do with all that time?  Does your family go on vacation?  Do you stay home and catch up on school work?  Have
No deviants said :thumb575584703:
No deviants said WN March's 2016 Challenge!ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT!!
This month's Writer Nexus challenge is...
Challenge Description:

Definitions of "Space"
 The unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.   The portion or extent of this in a given instance; extent or room in three dimensions: the space occupied by a body. Extent or area in two dimensions; a particular extent of surface: To fill out blank spaces in a document.   outer space.   deep space. To set some distance apart.A feeling a person can be experiencing. Example: Raph needs his personal space.

Space can be
No deviants said Contest! (closed)The contest is now closed!!
Edit 31/03: Honorable Mentions unlocked!
Edit 23/03: 3rd Prize unlocked! 
Edit 11/03: New prizes added!
Edit 08/3: Added 2 new characters! + RAFFLE
Edit 24/2: 2nd prize has been unlocked already! ^^
Edit 20/2: New prizes added, and the first entries are in! :D
I promised a contest, so here it is :D 
It's been so long since I held a contest, I'm so excited!
The assignment for the contest is simple:
Draw one or more of my characters from Aurora! :D
I don't have a special theme
I do have a few requests:
:bulletgreen: Please try to keep in mind the character descriptions!
:bulletyellow: Please draw them as humans. No species change.
:bulletyellow: Some gore is fine, but please don't kill them
:bulletyellow: Sexy is fine, but please no nsfw (and no slutty poses)
:bulletred: No pairings. I have my own plans for them ^^
Some suggestions if you need inspiration:
Fighting pose / travelling
No deviants said (closed)Hello Friends and Members of DevNews !
We would like to announce and invite you to the
DevNews 2016 contest


We would like you to show us how a DevNews newspaper page would look like.
The possibilities are endless: You can make a cover page, or a page from the middle of the newspaper (middle page with a few of text sections preferred :la:). If you would like to include news from around DeviantART, then please refer to more current articles no older than the 1st of September 2015 (09/01/2015). Make sure you have permission to use the article or create your own articles and/or headlines to use in your entry.
Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue  But how to do th
No deviants said Easter Challenge 2016Hello you lovely creative sweethearts! How are you? 
I'm so happy that March is finally here because that means spring! It's snowing here right now so I'm kind of pissed off about that so writing this lovely Easter challenge for you now seemed like a good idea! 
The theme will be Easter so you are free to interpret that how ever you wish but I have to be able to see that this is typical Easter and not just something we see everyday. It can be typical Easter flowers like daffodils, crocus, tulips etc, Easter candy, Easter eggs, Easter decorations, Easter food, cakes, drinks you name it! Show me something cool. :D
Bonus challenge: Take a picture who screams Easter without using the color yellow and no it can not be a black/white picture! 


- Follow our group rules
- No people, han
(dates in journal are European format - please bear that in mind)
No deviants said Contest, everyone!Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for a new contest!

Theme: "A Drop's life"

Beginning of the contest: March, 1s, UTC 
Deadline: April, 1st, UTC

But let's clarify a couple of things first

- You have to be a member of MacroPoetry 
- Your deviation has to abide by the general rules of MacroPoetry
- You can submit up to 3 deviations
- Your piece has to be a new one. In other words, it has to be done AFTER the beginning of this contest
- Submit your deviations to the folder "A Drop's Life Contest"
- You have to add in the description of your deviation that it's for the "Drop's Life Contest" and add the link to this journal
For the poets:
- English
No deviants said And check out the contests box on CRPhotomanipulation's main page! :la:

Deviant ID

I respectfully request that you not use the note system to send me unsolicited requests to commission your art. If your art is something I'm interested in, not only will I comment on it and :+fav: it, but if I have the funds and you have commissions open on your profile, I will happily reach out to you to request the work.

Yes, I'm unimpressed by getting requests for points - on my page or in my notes. I'm unimpressed by those who send me unsolicited requests for me to commission them, and you want me to pay for work you commissioned?

Please think before you send messages to people. Just because I sent you a llama doesn't mean I'm willing to pay for work you asked someone else to make for you.

A little about me:

:star: I like to write. I write a lot of different things, and I've tried to organize my gallery in such a way that you can see what I've posted here.

:star: I love to leave comments on other people's works. I may not add everything I find interesting to my favorites section, but I do try to leave comments on the things I like.

:star: I like getting llamas! Please feel free to send me one. :) I'll send one in return.

:star: I do suggest pieces for the DD feature. I have no control over what the CVs and staff who feature DDs choose, though.

:star: I also suggest people for senior membership. That means that I look through your activity. If I find you've done something that disrupts the community, I'm not recommending you (e.g. creating an account to plagiarise yourself as a "test" to your watchers).

Groups you need to know about:
:iconprojectcomment: :iconall-about-features: :icondawishingwell: :iconproject-pay-forward: :icontandemfeatures: :iconprojecteducate: :iconfella:

Background courtesy of Bloodthorne999.

Forgiveness takes bravery, because you are opening yourself up to allowing the action to happen again. The brave can be ruthless and the ruthless can be brave, but rarely are the ruthless forgiving.

Check out this terrific stamp made for me by marthig!

Thanks so much to marthig for this!

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